NHS Continuing Healthcare and Discharge services

With many years of hands-on experience in CHC from a provider of services to commission of them we work closely with our clients to understand their issues and help to develop. Whether it’s a short sharp small one-off review or largescale bespoke projects we can strengthen your organisation.

We have supported several organisations with their CHC provision including:

  • High level reviews of the CHC service​
  • Embedded service developing the leadership, governance and commissioning including market management of the CHC service
  • Service improvement to meet 28-day targets through early assessments
  • Clearance of reviews backlogs​
  • QIPP schemes – Fast Tracks, Overdue Assessments resulting in circa 10M savings​
  • Transfer of the CHC services from provider to CCG​and from one provider to another
  • Delivered Deferred Assessments scheme
  • Development and delivery of ABI level 2 pathways. ​
  • Delivery of the Discharge to Assess pathways​
  • Critical friend

If it is meeting the 28 days targets, clearance of backlogs, or undertaking Appeals and retrospective reviews, we have nurses from varying backgrounds including RGN, RMN and RNLD who support us. They all come with an extensive working background in CHC and are trained and skilled in undertaking assessments and reviews. We have delivered over 1000 assessments and work 7 days a week including in the evenings when it may be better suited to families.

If it is assurance of your whole service that you require our system reviews focus on examining how mature your service is and how it aligns to the Continuing Healthcare Maturity Framework to identify areas for improvement across several dimensions in CHC. We have a 3-step process:

  1. Strategy and leadership - What does your Leadership and strategic planning for CHC engender?
  2. What CHC Enablers do you have in place to support a successful team
  3. What CHC core process dimensions do you have in place

It may be that you are new to CHC and require a critical friend someone who is encouraging and supportive of you and what you are trying to achieve, but who also provides honest and candid feedback about your performance. In short, with our extensive knowledge of CHC let us be that friend. We agree to speak truthfully, but constructively, about weaknesses, problems, you may have so that you can improve your knowledge base and create that organisational improvement.

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